Peoplesoft Data Migration to Fusion HCM

Peoplesoft Extraction process:

Peoplesoft Extraction AE process includes below 6 sections, it may be more also based on how you are processing data.

Populate state record
Flush staging records
Call Init section (or Dynamic call sections for Full/incremental)

Clean the snapshot record until we are maintaining history.
SQls to extract full data for the population selected from JOB data.
Eg: If it is salary extraction then all the salary record will be join with JOB recod to fetch the population and put the cutoff date check with effective date in JOB data.
Modify the data in staging/ create end dates based on HDL file you are creating.
Once all the data is extracted in temp records and modifications are done then load the staging record with all the fields which you need in HDL file, hardcode the values in fields wherever required.
Do the same extract as in FULLL section for the base population

Do the same extract as in FULLL section for the base population
Once all the data is modified in temp record then populate the snapshot record by comparing it with
Snapshot record with the Temp record data (full data till date). This compare should give you only changed data which is not already in snapshot record or any changes which are not already updated in Snapshot record.
Once staging data is populated then next step is to set the flag for the rows in the staging record (which rows to insert in snapshot record or which rows to update).
You can also set the flags for data validation that you can use while writing log files.

In this section you can use file layout and generate the HDL file. Why we are recommended to use the File layout as it will validate the data for the correct format of field values.

This piece of code will write all the staging record data into file as we have mapped the staging record field in file layout.

In this section we can insert/update the data into snapshot table.
Snapshot table should be updated with the new or latest data which is already sent to fusion system, so that next incremental run we can compare with what we have in fusion and what is the change data coming in Peoplesoft. While compare in incremental load section we will have latest data available in snapshot table.
In this section we can insert all the data into snapshot record if it is run for Full extract, as in full extract we are going with one off data load.
If it is run for incremental load mode then we can insert/update data based on the flag we set in staging table.

Integration section we are using to generate the zip file and to run the automation script to transfer data form HDL file to fusion system.

In above code first we are zipping the extracted file and then we are executing the script to run the fusion load process.
The automation script will pick the generated file from Peoplesoft server where we generated, and transfer the file to UCM server from where it will go to fusion loader.

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